One Stop Shop for Heavy Truck Up-Fitting

Working with multiple dealers on a single project can be costly and inefficient. At V&H Trucks, Inc. we strive to be the single source for all of your heavy truck up-fitting-related needs, including custom crane assembly and mounting. We offer the complete package for:

  • Boom Trucks
  • Piggy-back forklifts
  • Full length Trailers & Pup trailers
  • Custom built beds
  • Once you purchase the truck, our experienced heavy truck up-fitting team can custom design and mount an IMT, Fassi, Prentice, Palfinger, or Rotobec crane of your choice, with manual or remote control capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art Crane Assembly facility operates 24 hours a day to custom design and assemble equipment for the most-job-specific tasks. If you name it, chances are we can custom assemble it for you.

On Time. Prompt Delivery

We have a large inventory available for prompt heavy truck up-fitting and delivery, which means we’ll get our job done quickly, so you can get to yours.