Heavy Truck Training Courses for Drivers, Maintenance Personnel, and Fleet Manager

At V&H Trucks we strongly believe that our heavy truck training courses are the perfect way to establish your relationship with your new equipment and to lower accident potential while increasing the life of the equipment. Our heavy truck training courses include valuable information for maintenance personnel, drivers, and fleet managers. We cover a range of courses that reach from railroad training courses, crane operation training courses, safety, regulation, certification courses, qualification courses and general courses. We understand that you and your team are busy, that is why we made it imperative to have the ability to administer these courses in person or via online tutorials; you and your team will have the ability to complete them at your convenience.

Our heavy truck training courses are just another way we go beyond the sale at V&H Trucks to ensure your satisfaction.

Not only do we want to supply you with the best heavy truck equipment in the industry, but through our heavy truck training courses we can ensure that we have supplied you with superior training as well.

Let’s get you and your team working efficiently with your new equipment today!

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ABL Qualification Course

Articulating Boom Loader Course
Covers OSHA standards
Designed for Fork Crane Operators

ABC Qualification Course

Articulating Boom Crane Course
Covers OSHA standards
Designed for Knuckle Boom Operators

NCCCO Certification Courses and Testing

ABC, ABW, and ABL crane certifications
Held at our Marshfield, WI location
written and verbal testing onsite

Truck Mounted Forklift Qualification

Qualification for Truck Mounted Forklift Certification
Examines specific safety, operation and maintenance topics
Details mounting & dismounting forklift from truck and more

Rail Operations

Covers rail loader, hi-rail systems, and roto dump if needed
cover inspection, basic maintenance, and operation of equipment
Designed for rail maintenance staff

Train the Trainer Courses

Training on several subjects
in-depth training programs, instructor training, and necessary presentations
Provide in-house training


Training your way, on your schedule

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At V&H we don’t just sell the truck,

we provide the training that you need to maintain and operate it safely. Our complete training course includes:
    • Productivity

      • No travel, parking or time restraints. You and you audience are back to work as soon as the webcast is over
    • Safety and regulations classroom instruction

      • Our instructors will educate you about common driving errors and offer valuable driving tips. Our goal is to provide preventive measures you can take to help avoid crashes.
    • Hands-on Education

      • V&H Trucks Inc. Trainers will take you beyond the classroom and into real world situations. We believe that with our hands-on approach you won’t have any problems in the field.
    • Webcast

      • Webcasting is a unique and powerful way to economically reach large and widespread audiences with high-impact and interactive media presentations. For many, video webcasting is quickly becoming a key component in their communications toolkit. Thanks to advanced technology, V&H is now able to offer video streaming in a high tech studio at a very reasonable rate. Video webcasts offer five key advantages over most other means of communication:
Custom Training and Webcasts