It’s Time For Spring Service

It’s that time of year again where you should have equipment service on your mind. The weather is getting warmer and the roads are getting clearer. However, that clearing is revealing what we see every spring, new and larger potholes along with other treacherous road conditions. These potholes are the result of the surface breaking up and being displaced. That’s common knowledge, so is the fact that those pieces of road can cause massive damage to vehicles that run over it and kick it up. This is where we stress that avoiding both the debris of the pothole and the pothole itself in a safe manner can save your equipment and prolong its life. Now the large pieces of equipment that we deal with in this industry are built to some pretty tough standards and can take more abuse than commuter vehicles can. But why put it through unnecessary paces if you don’t have to. While the frame and body of the equipment can likely handle a hit from pothole debris, there are components that would be better off not coming into contact with it, from braking and electrical components to fuel lines and more. Damaging and potentially destroying any of these components can lead to expensive repairs, extended time on the job(s), and the possibility of missed job opportunities.

Bring it in for a Checkup!

Before you start to get knee-deep in work this year as the weather improves, bring your heavy equipment in to your nearest V&H Trucks location to have our staff of highly trained service professionals look it over and perform the necessary and preventative maintenance required to keep it running its best for you. While it’s in our shop, why not have it professionally detailed to remove all of the salt, which if not removed, will continue to eat away at the equipment and provide future repairs for you to manage. This is a move that has the potential to save your company money and time in the long run, as well as future headaches.