Why should you consider heavy truck rentals?

New equipment is expensive and can take months to arrive, months that you can’t afford to lose on the current job and that may potentially impact future jobs. V&H Heavy Truck and Equipment has partnered with NESCO Rentals to provide you with the heavy truck rentals you need that will keep you working and making money. NESCO is committed to the equipment care, maintenance and safety with over 65 service locations across North America, Canada and Mexico. With this partnership, we are able to supply pick-ups, welding trucks, services trucks, material handling trucks and more.

Best of all, we can supply heavy truck rentals in a timeframe that minimizes potential down time.

There are numerous benefits to renting equipment over purchasing it; from less overall cost and overhead to worry about, to confidence in its ability to perform the task at hand. All rental equipment that we can provide through NESCO Rentals is meticulously maintained and kept up-to-date. This means that with our heavy truck rentals, you can get the highest quality piece of machinery you need for the duration that you need it at a cost that is well below a fraction of its purchasing price. After all, why keep a piece of equipment around that will only take up space and lose value if you need it for just one particular job?

So the next time you need an extra or specialty piece of equipment, look no further than the heavy truck rentals of V&H Trucks. We’ll get you the equipment you need, when you need it.