Reducing Operating Costs

It’s a task that many fleet managers try to accomplish each year: reducing operating costs. While it is not always the easiest to do and sometimes feels like you’re splitting hairs to what amounts to negligible differences, there are a few ways you can squeeze out extra savings here and there. When you begin to perform each of the following tactics to reduce operating costs, you may be surprised at what you’re left with.


shutterstock_559654072While you might be saving some money by avoiding a few preventive maintenance measures for a while, chances are it will bring forth significant costs in the long run. You know this to be true with your daily driver and it is not any different with heavy equipment. Preventive maintenance will not only decrease downtime, but will increase the life span of your equipment, thus stretching your dollars even further.

A few maintenance basics to remember are:

  • Checking air filters frequently to free them of debris or replace them if needed.
  • Ensuring all fluid levels are at specification and that fluid is in proper condition.
  • Examine any hoses, wiring or belts for both physical condition as well as tightness.

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Accidents can come with a significant price tag. Reducing the chance of them happening can be the biggest difference maker when it comes to yearly costs. This goes beyond your drivers simply keeping their focus on the task at hand. Some of it can be taken care of before the equipment leaves the yard.

  • Keeping your equipment clean can reveal potential hazards, especially if a component has visual wear.
  • Provide sufficient training programs for your employees who will be working with the heavy equipment.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of the equipment before it is used each time. Make sure it is done in the same manner each time as to make it second nature to the employees.

Of course there are other steps that can be taken to reduce overall costs such as maintaining a detailed record of each piece of equipment to determine its operating costs throughout the year. When you start to look at all of the smaller measures you can take to save money, you’ll quickly see that they can really add up.