Partnerships for a Stronger Future

New and exciting things are happening at V&H Trucks! We have recently partnered with Thunder Creek Equipment to provide you with a distinct advantage in the field for all of your DEF equipment. Whatever it may be that you’re doing with your equipment, whether it is during planting or the harvest or on the construction site, having the ability to reliably refuel your thunder-creek-logoequipment without having to make multiple trips to the nearest fueling station can make all the difference in meeting your deadline. Thunder Creek Equipment is built to stay on the job as long as you need them too. This results in efficient time management and increased run time due to decreased fueling windows.
Efficiency is only one of the many benefits that come with these products. Thunder Creek’s fuel and service trailers are the first in the industry that can be towed by anyone who possesses a standard driver’s license. This means if someone on your team isn’t able to make it that day, the trailer can still make it to the site and you won’t have to interrupt anyone performing a specialized task. If you’re interested in keeping your equipment running longer on the job and avoiding significant downtime for fueling, let’s talk about what piece of Thunder Creek Equipment is right for you!

Rentals Right When You Need Them!

Some jobs require specific equipment that isn’t in your inventory and sometimes your equipment breaks down, it happens. Buying a large piece of equipment for one job usually doesn’t make financial sense. Not only that, but the amount oscreen-shot-2016-09-12-at-1-13-02-pmf time the buying process takes, probably won’t fit your schedule. V&H Leasing Services has recently been acquired by NESCO Rentals. What does that mean for you? Access to one of the largest rental fleets in the industry in a timely manner! This includes more than just heavy equipment trucks, see for yourself!
As we continue to grow, our partnerships will help us to better serve your needs faster than ever, keeping your business running!