You need a truck without the hassle and commitment of a lengthy contract. V & H agrees.

You need a truck fast. V & H delivers. We make our process simple because you don’t have time to mess around.

V & H Heavy Truck and Equipment Rentals offer the flexibility to keep you working and making money. If your situation changes, no worries. You’ll have no long term contract, no long term payments.

Perfect for single or infrequent jobs

Need a truck for one time only? Maybe it’s for an occasional project. Either way, V & H heavy truck and equipment rentals are a great solution when the task at hand doesn’t warrant the purchase of your own new or used truck.

What do you need, and how long do you need it?

Daily, weekly, and monthly, rental agreements offer flexibility depending on the scope of your project. And with a large selection of available rentals, you can be sure to find the right truck or equipment for the job. V & H Trucks, Inc. is here to help. That’s why our rental agreements are structured to suit your needs.