It’s All About the Kids!

KEEPing Kids Interested in Big Equipment!

img_2365You might be wondering why KEEP is capitalized. It stands for Kiwanis Enormous Equipment Playground. This is a family event we were part of at the beginning of October, put on by the Kiwanis Club of Marshfield and many local businesses. It provides kids the opportunity to see and experience construction and farming equipment, as well as vehicles unique to the trades, right from the driver’s seat! Two of our salesmen, Jesse Geeslin and Fred Sadowska, manned our booth to show attendees the equipment we had on hand. This year marked the second largest attendance in the nine years of the event with over 1,000 people passing through the gates! All proceeds from this event go to children’s programs in the Marshfield area.

Log a Load For Kids!

img_0868Our Prentice, Wisconsin manager, Jeanne Cummings, attended a very cool event called “Log a Load For Kids”. This is a nationwide campaign aimed at making hospital stays easier for children in need. This event showcases unique logging equipment; from cranes to mobile sawmills that turn trees into lumber right at the jobsite. Kids heard from DNR officials talk about forest fires and control and foresters who introduced and explained their equipment and how to identify the different types of trees they harvest. Some of the everyday uses of the harvested trees byproducts came as a shock to the kids and probably would to most people. One of the byproducts is used in Wrigley’s gum! While the kids were in awe of most of the equipment, one piece in particular really captured their attention. It was a mobile sawmill that is run by a brother and sister combination! Seeing a before and after of a tree being processed through a mill was quite the site to behold!
Events like these are crucial to our industry as they not only benefit kids but can also fire up their imagination and spark an interest that could turn into a career in our field!