Going Beyond the Sale

When we say we want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your heavy equipment needs, we mean it. Where others stop after the sale, we go far beyond that to make sure that your experience with our products and the relationship we build will be nothing short of great. You probably expect your place of sale to also carry the parts needed in case something happens to malfunction or wear out over time, that’s natural. What you might not expect is that same company to train you how to properly use your new investment. After all, knowing how to use something the way it was designed to be used, not only increases its potential lifespan, but more importantly, decreases the chance for injury to those operating it and those within its surroundings. We offer courses for operators, maintenance personnel, and fleet managers. This ensures that everyone is well educated in the field in which they will be dealing with the equipment.

Training With a Side of Convenience!

We realize that it isn’t always a possibility to stop in to one of our centers for hands-on training and that is where our webcasts come in to play. Through advanced technology, we are able to offer streaming at a very reasonable rate. Our webcasts provide the key benefits of productivity, convenience, control, high impact and rapid response. Take a look at our Training Page to see all that we offer and the various ways that we can conveniently educate you and your staff.