Fuel Efficient 5700XE Coming to the Big Rig Show!

Western Star Trucks 5700XE model is efficiency to the extreme. The biggest pressing factor at the forefront of the Western Star engineer’s minds when designing the 5700XE: fuel efficiency. It’s no surprise that fuel is one of the biggest expenses for trucking companies and independent owner operators.

How To Make a Truck Fuel Efficient

We have seen diesel prices fluctuate dramatically over the last few years. However, sacrificing power and towing capabilities t5700 Stock 1o make a fuel efficient truck 1s not considered an option for any Western Star Engineer. Every piece of the aero kit on the 5700XE has been engineered for optimal efficiency right down to the three piece headlight. That’s right, even the design of the headlight plays a role in the trucks overall fuel consumption by decreasing drag cause from air passing by it. You might expect it to then be an expensive piece to replace should it fail or become damaged. Consisting of three pieces allows for the replacement of just the part that is damaged, lowering potential costs for owners. Also contributing to the fuel efficiency of the 5700XE is the innovative styling of the visor which works with the slope of the rear air ramp to deflect air over the cab. As you can see, engineering has not taken away from the looks of this serious rig.

See This Fuel Efficient Masterpiece in Person!ECBRTS Map_16B

You’ll have the opportunity to see this incredible machine in the flesh at the Seventh Annual Eau Claire Big Rig Truck & Tractor Show! This show is free to the public and will feature some of the most incredible modern and classic trucks and tractors around! Sitting on 15 acres of show space, you’ll easily be able to make a day out of it and it’s something the kids will love! So stop by our booth located next to the Exhibitor Tent, talk with us and get a good look at the Western Star Trucks 5700XE!