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We are one of the premiere dealers for Western Star Trucks in the Midwest. There are many heavy duty truck companies out there so why did we choose to partner with Western Star Trucks? One word, quality. We firmly believe that by selling a quality product, not only will the customer have a better experience throughout their ownership, we will have peace of mind standing behind that product. We want to build a relationship with our customers that will last for years to come. That can only happen if we base it on a quality product like Western Star from day one.

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Each Western Star truck is hand built to ensure quality that will not only save you money, but time as well. They believe that each of their trucks, whether they are destined for the mines or the highway, needs to be built to last and get the job done without compromise. You won’t find the high tech robots that other truck companies utilize to build their trucks faster, only the hard working hands of their professionals who put together each truck to order, the way it should be done. Sure, this doesn’t decrease the costs of building the trucks but wouldn’t you rather your money go into the pocket of hard workers whose passion is to ensure your truck does what you need for as long as you need it to?

No matter what your truck is destined for, whether it be the sun-up to sun-down hours on the farm, or making sure city streets are clear or hauling loads from here to there, Western Star and V&H Trucks will be there until the job gets done.