Webcast Session – Driver’s Pre-trip Inspection

January 23, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 10:30 am

Driver’s Pre-Trip Inspection Webcast

V&H driver Brian Zygarlicke leads us through his pre-trip truck
inspection routine at the V&H Body Shop in Marshfield, WI. Brian has
been driving heavy trucks for V&H for X years and has the experience
and knowledge gained from “seeing it all” in the trucking business. His
inspection routine is based off of the D.O.T. Vehicle Inspection Report
as well as the inspection report found in your Driver’s Log books, and
gives great insight that can only be learned from years on the road.
Follow along with us and learn what you may be forgetting to
check before you hit the road, and have an opportunity to ask Brian
questions after viewing his inspection routine.
Doing a pre-tripinspection EVERY time you hit the road doesn’t
only save the company money on preventable repairs, it can also help
save your LIFE!