Are You Winter Ready?

You’ve already felt the harshness of winter on your face; now imagine what your truck goes through during this time as well. We’re here to give you a few pointers as to how you can keep your heavy truck performing at its best for the next few months.
Time for a checkup!

• Check your tires: This should seem like the most obvious step and for good reason. These are the only objects in contact with the road. Improper inflation can lead to poor handling and stopping performance. Both of which are crucial during the winter. Make sure the tires are inflated to their respective range for their application and build.
• Bump up that idle speed: During the warm weather months it is totally normal to let your engine idle. However, during the cold months it is a good idea to increase your idle speed to allow the cycling and regeneration processes of the engine to activate.
vh-december-blog-photo• Check your battery: What is the cold cranking amp value of your battery? Is it enough to get things going during the coldest of days? If so, test it to make sure it’s still putting out what it’s capable of. You take longer to get going in the winter, your engine does too. This process can be sped up by a well-performing battery.
• Check your lights: Having proper vision becomes more crucial than ever during the low traction months of winter. Make sure that your lights are properly aligned and that their covers are free of oxidation or debris that might hinder their output. Not only will this help you keep a better eye on what’s in your path, it will help others to see you coming as well.
• Slow Down: You might save a few minutes with a faster pace, or you might end up on the side of the road feeling pretty embarrassed at best. If you do the math of traveling at highway speeds, plus or minus a few miles an hour is only going to make a slight difference depending on the distance being traveled. You’re better off to take it at a pace that is not only legal, but one that you and the machinery are comfortable with. You’ll greatly reduce the chance of an accident for not only you, but others on the road as well.
• Cover that grille: Putting an adjustable cover over it will allow you to determine how much cold air is able to pass through the radiator. This will allow for a faster warm-up time as you begin your trips. It will also help to keep chunks of salt from hitting your grille, thus retaining its good looks when summer rolls around.

There is certainly more that you can do to ensure you’re travels are as safe as possible, but this is a good start. Stay safe out there this winter and keep the wheels to the pavement!